Here’s a poem from the male perspective, courtesy of Reformerus_Gianticus at the Hoboken Journal—a great local website for the mile square city.

Boo hoo! I used to love you,
you broke up and now we’re through.
My recipes they are quite a few,
I’m warm my heart with some hearty beef stew.

It’s hard for men to express their emotions,
easier to use sea salt from the oceans.
And while we are on the topic of salt,
I wonder why she broke with me was all my fault.

I’ll cook and cook and then I will eat,
did she dump me for my smelly feet?
Taste my award winning chili which can’t be beat,
You’ll be in for one hell of a tasty treat.

Now I should not wallow in self pity,
there are 17,000 restaurants in New York City,
Should I stay at home and read a book?
Or break out a recipe and continue to cook?

I’ll chop those veggies and clench my fist,
use that kitchen knife to slit my wrist (just kidding),
my true love will surely be missed,
but she ran off with the boss in an office tryst.

Perhaps I will extend this poem at a later date,
for now I’m off to a happy hour to recreate!