Like Alice In Wonderland’s Un-Birthday, a Very Merry Un-Valentine’s Party can be celebrated almost any day of the year—but mid-February is certainly a popular time for the singles festivities. From our own personal experience we’ve decided that Un-Valentine’s Day works equally well on February 14th too. Note that we celebrate Un-Valentine’s Day here at the Breakup Cookbook, not Anti-Valentine’s Day. We don’t believe that love is evil, just that it can be extremely challenging sometimes.

This year we are telling Cupid to “stuff it,” by using salmon, cucumber, goat cheese and watercress for finger sandwiches, and whipping up concoctions featuring spinach, bacon and mushrooms that prove that it’s not only real men who eat quiche, but real women, too. And in a nod towards better Valentine’s Days to come, a “Rose-Colored Glasses” cocktail graces the festivities.

Have a Very, Merry Un-Valentine’s Day!

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Our Un-Valentine’s Day Recipes: