by Heather Quinlan

Welcome to The Breakup Cookbook, where we practice catharsis through cooking.

Through years of experience, we’ve learned the best way to get over a breakup doesn’t involve 2 a.m. phone calls or checking your email for a message from “him.”  The secret is to create something that will help you feel better, like a deep dish of mac ‘n’ cheese along with an apple martini, topped off with a decadent piece of chocolate cheesecake. Also, we’ll have relationship advice from those who have been there, done that and baked the cake.

We believe there’s no better way to answer the question of “Did he really love me?” than to find the tools to help you move on.  Then everyone will get a good night’s sleep.  Or, in other words, eat a slice of cheesecake and you’ll feel better for a minute; learn how to make cheesecake and you’re ready for whatever comes your way.