Heather Quinlan

We’re on a bit of a hiatus at the Breakup Cookbook, but rather than let things get stale, we’re posting some of our favorite recipes, courtesy of web shmoozing.

So it’s been drummed into our heads about how critical breakfast is to our diet and overall view of the world. In fact, eating breakfast is supposed to help us lose weight, contrary to what my junior-high mind thinks. I don’t know how helpful this recipe will be toward weight loss, but it definitely fulfills the breakfast requirement. It’s Challah French Toast – and for those of you who don’t know, challah is a bread that is beyond bread. It’s usually served at sabbath, and it is sweet and doughy (in a good way) and just surpasses Wonder bread in every category (including pronunciation – you have to start in the back of your throat – chhhhallah). So it stands to reason that this Jewish staple would make an awesome French toast. I recommend it for those difficult mornings when you wake up just feeling lousy – it takes enough time to prepare that it occupies your mind, yet it’s not too labor-intensive. Plus, the bread adds a certain ethnic gourmet flair. Give it a try and invite a friend.

Recipe and image courtesy of pinchmysalt.com.