By Cate Wells

Now the Breakup Cooks have their fair share of cooking disasters (and relationship disasters), but our kitchen fiascos are nothing compared to some of the latest gadget commercials. Here are 3 great clips to make anyone feel coordinated. As the announcer loves to say, Has this ever happened to you?

EZ Cracker

This one is my favorite, as people smash eggs on every possible kitchen surface. You could argue that separating eggs is difficult, or poaching eggs, but cracking them? If you really need a lesson, I recommend learning from Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina.

Perfect Brownie Pan

Brownies, especially from a mix, are about the easiest thing to bake. According to this video, you’d think that only after years of pastry school could one even attempt such a complex desert. And all the trouble with the cutting? Know one cares if their sweets aren’t perfectly symmetrical—baked cookies are delicious is any shape (and size).

Bottle Tops

Admittedly, there seems to be more of a need for this product than the other two. But cans spilling is just the law of gravity. If you have a problem with the laws of physics I don’t see how a gadget is going to help you. And who drinks half a can of beer? There’s a reason they don’t sell Budweiser in those cute half-cans.